Phone Consultations

Can’t come to the office? I offer 3 types of non local sessions.

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1) Self Care Consultation:
– Want to learn holistic fertility preparation you can do at home?

– Preparing for postpartum and want to organize your self care for that time?

– Or how to support your menstrual cycle being in balance?

– Have a scar you want to to learn how to massage and soften on your own?

– Have a body ache or pain you can’t seem to clear on your own, and want some communication on it with self care suggestions?

– Have a question on the self care you learned in your massage session? Or, need a reminder/refresher?

– Or more?

These are all topics I’ve helped clients navigate.

Drawing from 20 years as a women’s health massage therapist, I can provide some insight! Sessions can be 30-75 minutes, depending on your need.

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2) Flower Essence Consultation:
This can be done two ways….

One, as a brief stand alone appointment to customize a flower essence formula for you, which is then made and shipped to your door.

Or, two, we can integrate a custom flower essence formula into any other session we are already doing by phone.

If you are currently using flower essences, I can update your personal formula for your current situation.

To learn more about this therapy, please click here.

3) Clairvoyant Coaching Session: Reading, Clearing, and Giving yourself a Healing

Many of the clients that work with me in person through body therapies value the energetic and intuitive communication I give them about their current topic in personal growth.

This phone session is a continuation of that – but a deeper dive, since I can focus all my attention on this one way of working with you.

These sessions address the root energetic patterns of dysfunction or disharmony you are currently observing in your life. They help you move your energy. It’s useful for helping shift turbid chi, blocks, turmoil, or when you need assistance and clarification in matters of spirit or sensitivity. It helps you bring in your next step.

I have been doing these sessions since 2006 (when I began training), and continue to refine and deepen into the skills.

Who this session is for:
When I say the words ‘energy’, ‘being responsible for healing yourself ‘, and ‘inner growth’… if these are familiar terms, then this session is for you!

It is also for ‘sensitives’ who want to be more functional in their personal lives and are willing to do the work of learning new skills and applying them.

If you go blank when reading the word ‘energy’, that’s ok! ….this reading is not for you. Instead, I refer you to the work of Donna Eden to begin your exploration. She is a wonderful and empowering guide for new beginners.

What this session is not:
This is not crystal ball/fortune telling. It’s not a religion, and I don’t need you to ‘believe’ anything, or think a certain way. I don’t have to be right, and this is not the Oracle at Delphi (though, ‘Know Thyself’ is still a theme humanity is working on! ).

Most importantly, it’s not passive… I don’t do the work for you. (I facilitate you helping yourself!)

I do ask that you be willing to learn how to sense and work with your own personal energy field. And, be willing to look at yourself with honesty and amusement. Come as you are, have a focus, let’s take a clairvoyant look, and do an energetic healing on it.

What this session is:
I read aura and energetic information on the topic you want to focus on, give you communication on it, and help you help yourself by identifying, connecting with, owning, and moving your own energy. You may learn skills along the way.

I may suggest a ‘homework assignment’ of self care that’s relevant to you, or a custom flower essence blend, to support your energetic shift after the session.

It is common for clients to feel ‘better’: lighter, brighter, happier, with more clarity on what has been happening and the direction they are heading, a context that is empowering and playful, and an immediate next step to consider in wellbeing.

Please have an intention/focus for what you want to work on.

Sessions are 75 minutes long.

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