Phone Consultations

Can’t come to the office? I offer 3 types of phone sessions.

1) Self Care Consultation:
– Want to learn natural fertility preparation you can do at home?

– Or how to support your menstrual cycle concerns at home?

– Have a scar you want to help on your own?

– Have a body ache or pain you can’t seem to clear on your own, and want some communication on it with self care suggestions?

– Have a question on the self care you learned in your massage session? Or, need a reminder/refresher?

These are all topics I’ve helped clients navigate. Drawing from 20 years as a women’s health massage therapist, I can provide some insight! Sessions can be 30-60 minutes, depending on your need.

2) Flower Essence Consultation:
I offer a 20 minute consultation to custom formulate a Flower Essence blend for you.
After the session, I will make and mail it to you.
It’s suggested to review your formula with another session when you forget to take your current one regularly, or you feel it is not quite right any longer.
For folks involved in an internal healing journey, this can mean every 3-4 weeks as inner growth and integration of the essences takes place.

To learn more about this therapy, please click here.

3) Energy Reading and Clearing:


We are made of cells, bone, sinew, blood, tissue, water and electrical pathways – the movement of which generates a measurable electrical field in and around us. This is another system of the body, like the digestive system, or respiratory… it’s the energetic system, and it’s very workable.

Cultures with deep roots have language and healing traditions for our energetic system. After years of training in a variety of energy modalities and doing personal healing, I began offering readings for clients. It’s been about 14 years of service now. I enjoy doing them in a way that is easy, fun, amusing, focused, and with attention to detail.

Who this session is for:
These sessions are for people who are already familiar with the concepts of energy, healing, and taking responsibility for their own wellbeing. It is also for ‘sensitives’ who want to be more functional in their personal lives and are willing to do the work of learning new skills.

If you go blank when reading the word ‘energy’, that’s ok! ….this reading is not for you. Instead, I refer you to the work of Donna Eden to begin your exploration. She is a wonderful and empowering guide for beginners.

About this session:
This is not crystal ball/fortune telling. It’s also not passive… I don’t do the work for you! This appointment is for self healing and self understanding. Please have an intention for what you want to work on.

In a session, I identify energies in and around your body which relate to your current challenges and life situation, or physical concerns. I give you some communication on them, and then facilitate you moving your own energy to give yourself a healing and clearing. I do not do the healing for you, and in this way, you learn/refine/gain confidence in your skills to help yourself on this level.

I may suggest self care at home to support the shift you began in your session. For those interested, I can mail you a custom flower essence blend for what I see could support you based on the session we just did.

Clients report feeling lighter, steadier, freed up, having more energy, with perceptual shifts congruent for their wellbeing, and have a direction in self care to continue their energy moving well on their own.

Sessions are 60-75 minutes long.