Phone Consultations

Can’t come to the office? I offer several types of non local sessions.

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1) Self Care Consultation:
– Want to learn holistic fertility preparation you can do at home?

– Preparing for postpartum and want to organize your self care for that time?

– Or how to support your menstrual cycle being in balance?

– Have a scar you want to to learn how to massage and soften on your own?

– Have a body ache or pain you can’t seem to clear on your own, and want some communication on it with self care suggestions?

– Have a question on the self care you learned in your massage session? Or, need a reminder/refresher?

– Or more?

These are all topics I’ve helped clients navigate.

Drawing from 20 years as a women’s health massage therapist, I can provide some insight! Sessions can be 30-75 minutes, depending on your need.

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2) Flower Essence Consultation:
This can be done two ways….

One, as a brief stand alone appointment to customize a flower essence formula for you, which is then made and shipped to your door.

Or, two, we can integrate a custom flower essence formula into any other session we are already doing by phone.

If you are currently using flower essences, I can update your personal formula for your current situation.

To learn more about this therapy, please click here.

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