Ordering Sculptures

Thank you for inquiring about the Womb sculptures I make. I’d be delighted to make you some! They have been invaluable to me in my women’s massage practice.

These are made by hand, four times a year, generally each season. Please email to ask when the next batch goes out.

***NOTICE: Beginning Jan. 1, 2021, I will no longer be shipping to the UK. If you want to be included in December’s batch, please let me know ASAP***

I roll the clay out by hand and sculpt from there, as I do not use a mold. Therefore each sculpture will be unique in color patterns. I think about what they will be used for and womb healing when making them. I do not allow anyone else to touch them before they are delivered to you.

I cut and sew my own design for the carrying pouch, and print and assemble the tags and booklets. The whole process is truly a handcrafted process.

Because of this, it takes time; this is why they are made four times a year. However, I feel it’s worth it. In today’s mass producing world, energy and intent cannot be replicated mechanically.

All this to say, I understand that ordering something that takes a while to receive can take a little trust these days, which I take seriously.

Thank you for your patience.

If you are interested, please request an order form by email. It will contain all the relevant details on pricing, how to order.

Prices are found on the order form sent to you via email.
Prices include shipping, handling, and US domestic tax.

Payment for domestic orders is through a check in the mail to avoid processing fees.
If you live in the US and prefer to use Paypal, there will be a convenience fee added on to cover the cost I incur.

Payment for international orders is currently through Paypal. This price includes a convenience fee.

Delivery happens in a month long range of time, once a season.
Sets are made according to the order recieved. It is not an exact timing when your set will be ready during that month. It could be the beginning, middle or tail end of that month.
If you have any questions at any time please don’t hesitate to ask.
When it’s time to ship your set, I’ll email you to keep an eye out for it, with a USPS tracking number.

I use the United States Postal Service for all my shipping, with priority mail so that they can be tracked.

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