Handcrafted Herbals

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I make these herbals for my personal and professional use. They are hand crafted in small batches.
They are nutrient dense, thoughfully formulated, and a joy to use.

They do not contain artificial or petrochemical ingredients such as preservatives or synthetic ‘fragrances’, and ingredients are never grown with chemicals or pesticides.
I have chemical sensitivities so I make these to my standards of purity.

Because I source some of my ingredients from my regenerative soil garden, my recipes may change every few months. This is part of the fun of sourcing fresh, local, and seasonal. If you like a certain recipe, save the jar and I can recreate it for you if possible. Other ingredients are either certified organic, wildcrafted, or of best quality available.

All products are in glass.

Products may be purchased at the time of your appointment, or I can mail them to you.


Testimonials for herbals from actual customers :

“I’ve been doing it (breast oil) every night with the massage. Before I started I had a swollen lymph node under my left arm pit and it is gone now… I’m glad to have it! I love it so much
I bought some for my mom too. I’m so glad to have your breast oil as a resource.
I haven’t found anything like it!” – KR

I have been using the shungite cream for a couple of months and I love it. I have used it on a poison ivy outbreak and it calmed the itching and dried up overnight. I use it nightly on bottom of my feet
before I got to sleep and I sleep better. I have also used it on a bruise that wasn’t healing on a 87 year old relative twice during a visit and the next day at breakfast it had started to lighten considerably. It is a all purpose cream for me. So grateful to have found this unique and helpful cream.” – LB

“I thought I’d offer some feedback on the calendula cream, which I love.
It’s lighter than some of the other creams, which my face in particular appreciates.

It feels very good and also healing.” – M

“Lots of yard work today means the potential for sore muscles tomorrow.

Lucky for us, we have this amazing (cayenne) salve made with love and incredible ingredients.
I’m pretty sure I need at least one of everything she has to offer in her shop.
The breast oil, omg amazing for moving lymph. Like cha cha for my ta-ta’s.” – SR

“…shungite cream saved me! I was all tied up and stuck between my wings on my back.

I had (my husband) adjust me and rub the cream on me. I left it uncovered so the cream could really soak it. It was an instant, complete cure. It really moved the stuckness and opened my energy pathways. I’m so grateful. I keep it on my table next to where I pray!” – PP

“I love, love, love all of your products! I feel like I’m loving my body, myself when I use them. They are so much better than any other product I’ve tried. Thank you for making them and offering them for sale.” – J

“Oh my God (my daughter) loves your (calendula) cream. She’s never even showed any interest in any kind of cream or lotion and she is obsessed with yours and demands it, it’s so cute… she wants to smell and touch and put it on her face and hands… it’s so vibrant!!!” – Laura

“Also, I absolutely love the castor oil. It is such a vast difference compared to the oil I was using which would just soak into the cloth.” – L

“I am loving the flower essence. I started taking it on Friday evening and had one of the best weekends I have had in a long time!” – K

“My son has had terrible eczema on his hands for over a year. His skin looked like leather.
We tried almost everything on it to heal it and Megan’s shungite cream made it dissappear
in days right before our eyes!” – LMB


All photos and images and text copyright 2019 Megan Assaf.
Do not reproduce without permission.

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