Massage, with a specialty in Women’s Wellness!

I offer intuitively detailed massage and energy therapies, drawing from 20 years of clinical experience and ongoing professional training in specialty women’s wellness modalities.

I help women of all ages to achieve more ease in their body, develop body awareness, and learn self care practices that support wellbeing, through manual and energetic therapies.

Our time together is a safe space to let down tension, relax, and be nurtured.

I will listen to both your intention for your session, and your body, and let that guide me as I work with you. You are unique, and so is your therapy. No two sessions are the same.

Appointments average 75 minutes, which includes 5-10 minutes to discuss your needs that day, 60 minutes of therapy, and 5 minutes of follow up.

Sessions are by appointment only. I do not accept walk in requests.

My work is strictly non-sexual therapeutic massage, compliant with state and national guidelines, ethics and professionalism.

Please contact me for current rates.

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I use my own handcrafted organic herbal massage creams and oils in our session.

Why do I make my own ?
For the time we work together, I want to know that I am using life affirming, organic, nutrient dense creams with you… so that I am not adding to your body’s toxic chemical load, or to mine. 

Why this matters:
Women are documented to be exposed to an average of 500 man made chemicals every day… from their cosmetics and soaps, shampoos, and perfumes to air deodorizers, personal and home cleaning supplies. This is a lot of chemicals for the body to process, and it’s unnecessary when there are ‘clean’ alternatives.

During your session I may apply more than one skin cream, oil, or salve as appropriate. For this reason, I encourage you to not shower till the next day. Let it soak in to get the full benefits. Your skin will thank you!

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