For Scar Tissue

Every scar has a story to tell.

I work gently and mindfully with your scar to help release tension, adhesions, tissue congestion, and increase range of motion and quality of life with your scar.

Results may include a reduction in scar height or thickness, increased pliability, and improvement to the surface area texture, pigmentation or vascularity. In addition, massage can be helpful for reducing the ‘itching’ or ‘lack of feeling’ that can often happen at the site of a scar.

I use specific massage creams and oils traditionally known to support scar softening. I can teach you simple scar care to do at home to continue progress between our sessions.

Which scars can be helped?
Any scar can be worked with as long as it is mature, or fully closed, and having completed all it’s healing stages. This is typically 8 weeks after the cut.

If you have had a cesarean birth, hysterectomy, breast surgery, mastectomy, or other surgery, please consider this therapy and ask for it in our session.

If you have been impacted by breast cancer or elected breast surgery, consider also receiving the Spurgeon Method of Breast Massage TM.

If you have had a cesearean birth, hysterectomy, or other abdominal surgery, consider also receiving Maya Abdominal Massage, click here.

Can’t make it to the office? I can help you learn how to massage your own scar at home in a half hour video consultation through Skype. Ask for more details.

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