Flower Essence Therapy

Flower essences are a gentle form of energetic support. They are similar to homeopathy. They are the vibrations of living flowers imprinted into water, and preserved with alcohol.

This form of therapy was developed by a doctor (and well known scientific researcher in his day), Dr. Edward Bach, MD.

Back in the early-mid 1900’s he began discovering a specific set of plant based essences for personality, constitution, and situational imbalances. He learned that his flower ‘remedies’ promoted balance and vitality to the spiritual and energetic aspects of people, which helped bring changes in their emotional wellbeing as a side effect.

Flower essences are complimentary to other therapies, and will not interfere with medications. They are fantastic support for animals, and are often used in crisis situations to help populations of people and pets increase wellbeing during and after a disaster.

There are many ways to use flower essences. I use them topically during our sessions in person. I can make a custom blend for your personal use at home.

I also offer a half hour Flower Essence consultation by phone to custom formulate what you need at this time.

I may use essences as needed from North America and Europe, including the Bach System.

For more information about flower essences and their support for wellbeing, please explore here.

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