For your Muscles…

I offer intelligent deep tissue.

Working with your body, I help unravel chronic patterns of tension, pain and limited range of motion. Together we may untangle the knots, smooth scars, and restore ease to layers of muscle and fascia. The result can be a decrease in pain, better range of motion, and improved soft tissue function and vitality.

To do this, I may use Swedish massage, soft tissue normalization, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, active/passive release, Zen Shiatsu acupressure, percussion, lymphatic drainage, or other skills as needed. With your informed consent I may also use massage cupping or gua sha (a form of deep tissue massage that uses a tool).

These are common symptoms I help people with:
Whiplash/car accident injuries
TMJ and jaw tension
Neck pain
Frozen Shoulder and shoulder pain
Carpal Tunnel
Back pain and low back pain
Pelvic pain
Knee Pain
Foot pain
Post surgical scarring

I use my own organic herbal massage creams and oils for our session.

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Do not reproduce without permission.

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