Megan Assaf, BFA, LMT

I am a Gulf South native who loves plants, spirit, healing, and art.
When I’m not in my office I’m on our regenerative farm .

I began learning energetics and massage in the late 1990’s.

My adventures in healing led me around this country and others, where I personally grew, studied, learned and practiced.  At the request of students and mentors, I eventually taught.

I have been in private practice offering clinical therapeutic massage since 2000. My manual therapy is integrative, detailed, and intuitive. I enjoy it greatly!

I am an honors graduate of Louisiana Tech University (degree in graphic art, minor in psychology) and of the Boulder College of Massage Therapy in Colorado (a 1000+ hour program). I am Indiana State Certified and Louisiana State Licensed as a Massage Therapist.

I am deeply grateful to all my teachers/mentors and their lineages for sharing with me. Without their help, mentorship, and generosity, I would not be able to offer what I do. 

Since graduating in 2000, I have invested in and dedicated myself to deepening my skills through advanced certifications and trainings. This includes:

  • Upledger Institute (CranioSacral Therapy Intro, CST I, CST 2, SomatoEmotional Release I, CST for Obstetrics, Teaching assistant CST 1 & CST Obstetrics)
  • Barral Institute (Visceral Manipulation 1)
  • Living Awareness Institute (245+ hours hands-on home herbalism and therapeutic nutrition, women’s reproductive herbal studies, and Healing Herbal Oils)
  • Pre- and Perinatal Massage Therapy with Carol Osborne-Sheets
  • Pre- and Perinatal Massage Therapy with Michelle Kolakowski
  • Labor and Postpartum Massage with Shoshanah Halpern
  • “New Beginnings Massage Therapy” with M. Kolakowski and S. Halpern
  • Infant Massage
  • Doulas of North America (Birth Doula certification)
  • Arvigo Institute (Self Care level 1, Professional Care level 2, Practitioner Certification level 3, Spiritual Bathing, Advanced Pregnancy, Certified Self Care Teacher, Professional Care Teaching Intern for 3 yrs.)
  • Energy Therapy Apprenticeships/Studies with Rev. N. Reasoner and Rev. S. Brooks
  • European Cupping Level 1 & 2 with Julia Graves, ND, Herbalist
  • Abdominal Massage for Bodyworkers II, & Advanced Abdominal Massage, with Donna Caire, LMT of Regeneration Springs
  • Orthobionomy: Chapman’s Reflexes
  • The Spurgeon Method (TM) of Breast Massage, levels 1 & 2 with Sally Spurgeon LMT
  • Flower Essence Foundations (99 hour Practitioner Training in Bach Flower Essence Therapy) with Loey Colebeck of Mind is Body.
  • Biodynamic Pelvic Hydrotherapy with Lisa Kelly
  • Medicupping Therapy with Anita J. Shannon

All photos and images and text copyright 2019 Megan Assaf.
Do not reproduce without permission.

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