For your Nerves…


…is a gentle method developed by osteopath Dr. John Upledger, DO. It works to alleviate tension in the soft tissues surrounding your nervous system (spinal cord, brain, sacral nerves).

Considered a very precise manual therapy, I support your body into profound relaxation by lightly holding and ‘unwinding’ tension in the soft tissues and fascial structures connected to different bony prominences of the skull, spine, and fascial diaphragms of the torso. 

As a result, the flow of nourishing cerebrospinal fluid is able to move better throughout the nervous system, allowing the brain to better assess and self correct the body.

The result can feel like deep ease, relaxation, and a ‘reset’ of your inner nervous system, along with pain relief that other forms of massage therapy are sometimes unable to reach.

For these sessions you remain fully clothed. I use a light touch – generally no more than the weight of a nickle.

This modality is wonderful for everyone who needs to have deep relaxation through a light touch, including elders and babies.  It is also wonderful during pregnancy to help the baby’s nervous system balance in utero. And, it is a good option for when the body is too vulnerable for deeper manual work.

Some conditions I have found this technique helpful to balance:
– Headaches
– Neck disorders
– TMJ and jaw disorders
– Orthodontia tension
– Whiplash injuries
– Breathing restrictions, diaphragm spasms
– Upper belly tension
– Pelvic tension
– Stress and overwhelm
– Sacral pain, SI joint pain, low back pain
– Body fatigue

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