News, as of 7.22.20
My massage office is currently closed, until otherwise notified.
I am so sorry.
To work together in the meanwhile, we can do phone consultations.
The current batch of womb sculptures is underway and will be mailed by the end of July.
Next batch of womb sculptures will be mailed sometime in October.
Please send your orders by September to be included.
Thank you.

Womb Sculptures

I sculpt womb art to educate, inspire, and connect women to their creative center.

Handcrafted Herbals

I plant, grow, harvest, prepare, and create gorgeous nutrient dense seasonal creams, balms, and oils from our farm.

Phone Sessions

I work with you by phone to learn self care, receive flower essence support, or shift stuck personal energies.

Massage Therapies

I offer integrative, intuitively detailed advanced massage and energy therapies for women’s wellness. I help women learn embodied ease and find a next step in their wellbeing.

“Thank you for the wonderful massage. My breasts feel much lighter and less congested and my uterus feels tall again!”

I will begin by saying, the “massage” was the best I have experienced over 40 years. Italics because it was so much more than a massage. My gait has improved and almost (my) normal.