Welcome to my NEW website!
Here’s the news as of 10/8/19:
Due to unexpected delays, the current batch of womb sculptures is delayed by 2 weeks.
They will ship out next Teusday Oct. 15 (looks like Post office is closed on Monday 14!)
Thank you for your patience.


My office in Plymouth, IN is now open!
I continue to travel to Indy and Bloomington once a month to offer sessions.
Herbal products are now available!
Please put in your request a week or so before your session.
Want some of our nutrient dense foods?
I am now able to bring Farming For Life’s Ferments to clients in Bloomington and Indy!
Please let me know your order a few days before your appointment. Thank you!
Click here to see a list of what we offer.

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“I will begin by saying, the “massage” was the best I have experienced over 40 years. Italics because it was so much more than a massage. My gait has improved and almost (my) normal.”


“Thank you for the wonderful massage. My breasts feel much lighter and less congested and my uterus feels tall again!”