Welcome to my NEW website!
Here’s the news as of 10/23/19:

Next batch of womb sculptures are due out sometime in December.
To be included in this batch, please send orders in by Dec. 1. Thank you.


My office in Plymouth, IN is now open!
And, I continue to travel to Indy and Bloomington once a month to offer sessions.
Herbal products are now available!
Please put in your request a week or so before your session.
Want some of our nutrient dense foods?
I am now able to bring Farming For Life’s Ferments to clients in Bloomington and Indy!
Please let me know your order a few days before your appointment. Thank you!
Click here to see a list of what we offer.

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Do not reproduce without permission.

“I will begin by saying, the “massage” was the best I have experienced over 40 years. Italics because it was so much more than a massage. My gait has improved and almost (my) normal.”


“Thank you for the wonderful massage. My breasts feel much lighter and less congested and my uterus feels tall again!”